Anybody know this bag? - Julianne Moore's black bag. HELP!Bag

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  1. hi girls,

    please help me find this bag - thx!

  2. Sorry, I don't know! It's a very cute picture though!
  3. yeah, it's a cute picutre but all i can see is JUST A BAG - please if you know anything about this bag - please help!
  4. It looks to me like the tod's T bag 06 I ordered it in "brandy".

  5. ^I agree with catcat. It looks like Tod's, although I haven't seen it in that size yet. It looks HUGE! You should try calling the boutique in NYC...maybe they can help you.

    Good luck!
  6. thank you!! i went to the shop but i think it looks 100% better on Julianne Moore sadly. i'll be keep looking! thx girls.
  7. wow, that's one huge bag... pretty though...
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