Anybody?? Im in neeeeeed!!

  1. Im in desperate need of a haircut! I want something very different then what Im used to so I want to "try on" some hairstyles. Does anyone know a free website where I can upload my photo and try on different hair styles?? TIA
  2. I am really sorry that I don't know of any free sites. Maybe Anyway, I do know that Cosmo makes a pretty cheap computer program where you can test out new looks on a pic of yourself. I saw a trick on "How Do I Look?" the other night too. If you want to see how you will look with shorter hair, take a pic of yourself and color over the bottom of you hair with a Sharpie marker. Photoshop would work too. :smile:
  3. Thanks for the advice Cosmo, I will look into all of your suggestions.
  4. I know the clairol website has it where you can try on different colors and hair styles, but if my memory serves me correct the hair syles weren't like 'look at me," just simple.
  5. ^^Thanks! I'm having a lot of fun trying on new hairstyles!!
  6. ^^Find any you like? Post a picture I'm so nosy.