Anybody has to pic of gray patent downtown?

  1. I just want to see how it looks like, as i have tried visiting many website and couldn't seem to find one.

    Anybody has got pic? :drool:

  2. Im interested too!
  3. Would love to see one myself...please post picture~ thank you!
  4. I can't promise anything but I will try and do a stealth photo taking mission next week to get a photo of the beauty. Keep your fingers crossed!!! Oh it will be agony to see it again and not be able to buy :sad:.
  5. Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!:drool:
  6. Hopefully a pics will come soon.
  7. Sad news... Went to YSL today and the gray patent sold out in a heartbeat. SA wasn't sure when they would get more in. Heart was definitely a tad broken when I left. :sad:
  8. ohhhhh so saddddddd.....i was going to compare gray patent to silver metallic so that i can make up my mind wht i should go for....:crybaby:
  9. Sorry...I don't have a pic...but saw it in person in NYC store and it is gorgeous!!!! (they didn't have it in stock, but the SA's boss had one and kindly let me see hers)....absolutely stunning.

    My friend bought the grey patent in the muse---very cute also!!!!

    Does anyone know if they are coming out with more for the season? Any more colors?!?!?