Anybody has the Paris Biarritz big tote? Help

  1. Hi, my girlfriend was soooo nice to call me from London Heathrow Terminal 3 Chanel boutique just now, she helped me get a Paris Biarritz big tote as I need a bag for my lap top when I am travelling... thought it would be a great bag for that...

    But she told me that the bag she bought for me has no pockets on the sides and no zipper compartment on the front on the bag....and has only one stud instead of 2 studs on the handle... I am puzzled, I thought the big tote has got side pockets, zipper compartment and 2 studs...?

    I know it's the matt fabric version (black) that she bought (old fabric)...

    Does anyone know anything about this version?? It will be great if someone can post pics.... thank you so much, I won't be able to see my bag when I visit home (Singapore) again in October (hopefully).....:sad: thank you thank you
  2. the medium size has no side pockets and no zipper comopartment in the front, it sounds like that's what she got you.
  3. Oh dear... I wanted the big tote.. thanks Savannah, do you think this can go onto the shoulder? I paid 519 pounds for it, any idea what's the original price of this bag?
  4. I had a large but I returned it, it's was too big for me, it was $1495, not sure for the medium size though. I'm guess aroud $11-1200?? Maybe she can send the bag back for you to exchange for the right size.
  5. It can definitely fit onto the shoulder - very well. Only difference is the large tote has an adjustable shoulder strap which is why it has 2 studs on each side. The large one also has the side pockets and the outer front zip. If I remember correctly the medium tote was $1295 and the large $1475.
  6. Oops double post...
  7. Hi Tod, thanks so much, it's a relief to hear that it can fit the shoulders, my girfriend later told me that it actually is the same size as the one with the pockets only this is without the pockets....internally, it has the same space....she felt that the one with the pockets are more casual and the one without can be more dress up (still a tote though), since this is the only one there she made the decision to buy for me..... I hope I will love it....crossing my fingers here....
  8. Hi IceEarl, Post pics when you get home... i'm sure you will love it..
  9. Iceearl-I think the tote will be just fine for you. I am glad that you were able to find the old version, it is so hard to locate one nowadays. What a lovely girlfriend you have!

    Can't wait to see your modeling pics!
  10. Thank you ladies for your kind words...really made me feel better...

    I wasn't clear enough in my first post, I will only be able to see the bag hopefully in mid Oct when I visit Singapore....will definately post pics as I don't see pics of this version on the forum..

    Funny, just visited, it says the PB tote (with or without side pockets) is called the Medium Shopping bag, I always thought it was the big I guess the actual big tote only comes in aligator skin...?
  11. Hey babe I'm sure you'll love it! Someone in my office has a PB big tote which she uses as a court document bag and I like it more everytime I see it! Definitely a great buy!
  12. ^Hi dear... thanks...great to hear that you have other stylish ladies in your office too...hehee...

    And congrats on your B-city...
  13. Hehe thanks, still haven't told my fiance yet! :push:
  14. Oooohh ;).....I guess at some point, men just have to realise if it's not Chanel it will be something else... hehee... you'll be alright..

  15. there are two versions of the large paris biarritz tote. one has pockets, a zippered pocket on the outside, and four studs on each handle (two on each side). it retails for $1495. the other one doesn't have outside pockets, the cc charm is hanging through one of the holes that the handle goes through, and has two studs on each handle (one on each side). it retails for $1245. the bags are the same size (minus the pockets). i personally prefer the one without the pockets. it is the one that i have. i think the bag looks cleaner this way and i didn't want to pay the extra $200 for the pockets.

    just one tip...make sure you put something through the end of the cc charm to keep the toggle closure from slipping through the hole. i almost lost my charm once. i put a keyholder ring through one of the chain links to keep the cc charm from falling off.