Anybody else LOVE slingbacks?

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  1. I think they are some of my favorite shoes - as long as that darn back strap stays UP! LOL
    What do you think of my latest find -
    Andreas slingbacks.jpg
  2. gorgeous!i love the detailing! I saw these pumps a while back and i wanted them, but I just couldn't justify the expense. slingbacks are so comfortable!!
  3. nice
  4. I love slingbacks but they always cut into my ankle so I can only wear them for a short period of time. Still love them though! Yours are pretty!
  5. I love slingbacks too, and buy them all the time even though I can't keep the backs up! Any tips out there? it is very frustrating! I have even tried shortening them and they still won't stay up!:crybaby: :hysteric:
  6. ^ They're pretty, lov2shop! :heart:

    I have the same problem, as I have a narrow heel (and quite wide toes, LOL, like a duck!!! :upsidedown: ).
  7. cute! i love slingbacks! i bought a pair of coach slingbacks and i get compliments every time i wear them.

  8. Two-sided tape, trimmed to fit and placed discretely in the center of the strap. Press it onto your heel and VOILA! No more slipping. Just don't put any cream on your feet though, or it won't stick.
  9. Double your post, double your fun... :shame:
  10. What brand are the slingbacks at the very top?
  11. Gorgeous! I love slingbacks but sadly I do not own a pair.... maybe one day!
  12. Loves! :yes:

    I've got 2 pairs - classic black, and the other's cream with brown detailing. Love 'em to bits, except for the fact that they ALWAYS slip, and annoy me to no end!

    Will be trying that the next time I wear 'em!
  13. Very cute! I like wearing them when the weather is a little warmer so I can wear them barefoot. With hose, it slides too easily.
  14. They are from Loriblu - aren't they just to die for?
  15. I own one pair in black. The strap annoys me too, so I will be trying the double-sided tape trick :yes: