Anybody else get a Gucci from DSW just shoved in a box no wrapping

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  1. I could not believe that its not in its dustbag no padding shoved in a box I got the large silver leather tote and the bag was scratched from shipping.Any opinions on whether you would keep a bag that was slightly damaged that you arent sure you like but was a great deal cost 300$they say it was at retail 1300 but I cant see anyone paying that much for the quality of this bag
  2. Yikes! Well, considering Bluefly and the Gucci Outlets are selling this same bag for double/triple+ more than what you paid for, I'd say keep it if the damage is minimal...say it would look like that after normal wear and tear. But if the damage was extensive, I say RETURN.

    You can check out Bluefly or the outlets and see if they have the same bag but you're going to definitely pay more. The large silver tote on BF is going for $1400.
  3. I bought a couple bags early on (like nov/dec) and they were inside the dustbag and then there was a plastic bag around the dustbag. They were very carefully packed. Then later in January I bought a couple floral bags and those were just put in the box with the dustbag inside the purse so they were not "protected" but luckily there was no damage to them since they were canvas instead of leather. Maybe early on they were being careful with the packaging but in this last wave to get things out quickly they were not as carefully wrapped? If I really liked the bag I would be able to deal with slight damage, but if it's going to bother you then return it.
  4. smalls - you need to post all your goodies girlfriend! :nuts:
  5. I ordered the small floral tote and just got it in the mail yesterday. I too was really disappointed in how it was shipped. Just shoved in a box. No protective wrapping. Fortunately it looks fine though. A REAL bargain for less than $100! Now I REALLY can't wait for spring! Planning outfits in my head already!
  6. I am pretty fussy when it comes to my stuff being perfect. I have a LV that my dog scratched on the bottom and I never used it again. However, if you can deal with the scratch, I would for that price!

  7. maybe you can post the pictures here. so we can see how bad was the scratch.. but again.. you are the one who is going to use it.. if you can stand it.. then keep it..
  8. I bought the small silver hobo bag and was also shocked when I opened the box. The bag was sent with no padding, no dust bag, no nothing other than the packing slip from DSW. The bag's quality seems below par also. It has me wondering....