Any1 used cheque to pay rather than paypal?

  1. Hi!

    I have a situation here and i hope seller is genuine! A couple of weeks ago ive won an item on eBay but the seller only accept a cheque! So i sent the cheque away and it got cleared on monday i think..after i emailed the guy asking if he recieved and when hes going to send it! He said it has been cleared and will send it the following day...its now saturday and he lives in the uk as me so i know it shouldn't take too long but then i understand people can be busy! Anyway i emailed him again yesterday but he hasn't got back to me.

    I just want to know is it harder to get your money back if you paid by cheque? I mean it is a lot of money and i hate to think i won't get it back...just want to know would i have the same kinda help if i paid thru with paypal?

  2. When did he say he sent it? Mail has been SOOOOOOOOOO slow here in the UK for me
  3. he replied to me on monday sayin he will post it the next day..i emailed him again yesterday and he hasn't got back me! Its just that he had only got four feedbacks...but this is his first time selling! He seems friendly in his emails so i like to give him the benefit of the doubt but when it comes to money u worry more.............
  4. I would ask him for the tracking number (or whatever number they give you in the UK) or insurance info. If it is a high dollar item you definitely should have insurance. I have never used a check to pay for an auction but I do imagine it would be a bit harder to get the money back. Good luck.
  5. Thanks! im just waiting for reply back from this guy! just so annoyin!