any tods experts around here? authentication help!

  1. Sorry, I've never seen either style of those wallets. The seller seems to have good feedback and has been around awhile. I know that doesn't guarantee authenticity but it helps.

    Those wallets are a bit unusual to be faked. Just my opinion.

    I like the blue one!
  2. I used to have over 10 Tod's bags and didn't own either one of those wallets. Like maxter said, Tod's wallets are rarely counterfeited. Just to look at their pictures, I believe both of them are authentic. However, the first wallet is quite worn and dirty though. The blue wallet is very pretty.
  3. thanks both! my friend is the one who's interested in the wallets. i was surprised she liked the first one too - it's so worn!
  4. They are both authentic or look to be so. Tods wallets are counterfeited (there is a black wallet listed at the moment which is fake.
    but these 2 look legit. The 1st is pretty dirty, I also happen to have this style in al leather, the credit card slots are very tight, PITA!

    The second one is the Bugatti I believe to match the Bugatti bag, style is around 3 or 4 yrs old. Nice color, but for $109.00 you can pick up a new on eBay. The oulet has some pretty good deals on wallets when they run a sale.

    Good luck!