Any thoughts on the Kooba Mia???

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  1. Wondering if anyone has this bag and what it's like? Not sure if I like it or not but I like the buckle detail and the rivets.
  2. Too many studs for me, but the bag is kind of cute.
  3. You know, I actually like it, I think a lot is due to the color, I love that cognac color these days for bags! It would be cute with jeans, not my fav Kooba though
  4. Yea, was thinking the same thing. It would be nice for a casual bag, going to movies, etc but I wouldn't pay $600 for it. Maybe if it was on sale for $300, maybe I would get it.
  5. It reminds me somewhat of the Mulberry Phoebe bag:

  6. I love it- my friend picked one up at Bloomingdale's last week because she had a 15% off coupon, I can't wait to see it in person this weekend! She went to pick up her Carla bag and when she saw the Mia, she purchased the Toast and got me the Saddle. PM me if you want to see the size of the Mia vs the Sienna. I purchased the Sienna last month but thought it was too big- Lunaboston was kind enough to email me pictures of both so that I could compare.
  7. It's cute, I might like it better with fewer studs on the straps. BTW, is it me, or does that model really look like a man? :lol:
  8. I would love to see it in person. I love the phoebe but this is cute too.
  9. it IS the Phoebe Mulberry's funny, everyone talks about knockoffs and ripoffs, and this is certainly one...I love her bags...but when you are a line that is this visible, it's not good to "copy" or be "inspired" quite to this extent. What do you think? curious.
  10. it does look a lot like the phoebe...and i could stand to do with a few less studs, but it's cute.
  11. I kind of like the bag but I'm a little weirded out by the model. In that pose, she looks kind of like a man dressed as a woman with huge false eyelashes and a blond wig. Does anyone else see this or am I just having another looney moment?
  12. As a matter of fact, I saw it today IRL at NM. The bag is heavy though! I wasn't expecting that!!!

    Cristina3504 - She does look like a man!! Push up bras, lashes and a little rouge can do wonders!! ;)
  13. How funny! I just saw your post after I made mine! I saw that too! I am so glad you posted that. I was weirded out by how she looks!
  14. It DOES resemble the Mulberry! But, I think it is unique because of the studs. I love the color!