Any Tales of Shopping in India

  1. I am going to New Delhi on business.:yes:

    Does anyone have good (or sad) stories of buying Louis there?:confused1:

    Thanks and love Louis/love life!
  2. have fun! iv been to new delhi but it was before my LV obsession. there is better things to buy in india, and cheaper. i got the best bed linen ever in india and it was so cheap. i think the sheets were about £3 ($6) for 4 of them. the cotton is really good quality.
  3. ive never been to india - but if i ever do im going to buy lots of gorgeous sari material.
  4. yeah, i bought some too but the really good stuff is pricey.
    i went to india with my mothers friend to look after her children while she was working and she took us with her to get some shalwar kameez made and the paid thousands for them.
  5. wh==:wtf: where did she go?? thousands of dollars for a salwar kameez? unless it is COVERED in embrodary or diamonds/gold then thats probably not so! i think you were thinking thousands of rupees and in that case the conversion rate is so high that it come out to like 40 bucks :smile:

    but i agree with the others, the shopping in india is TO DIE FOR! when i was younger my parents would send us to india every summer and i would spend two months stright shopping EVERYWHERE!! loved it...

    but you know what u SHOULD do? u should get the LV mumbai travel book....i know its for mumbai but some of the pics in there are sooooo pretty that itll be worth it, somethin specific to india!! :smile:

    but my fav shops are in bombay aka mumbai :smile: (sheetal, LOVE IT!)

    have fun, im so jealous! and btw check out the clubs, they beat ANY club (at least in the us!)
  6. ^ she had them custom made by a designer in india, cant remember her name, anyway one of then was covered in swarovski crystals and the other was completely embroidered.
  7. Yeah, we do that to and in no way do i mean to sound "*****y" or not believing you...i just HATE HATE HATE seeing people being ripped off in india! :smile: i mean Im indian also and i cant tell you HOW many times ive gone shopping at any type of store and they just hike up the price because im indian...and im not just talking designer shops im talking about my personal designers as well

    i guess the basis of my post is to make sure youre not getting ripped off...because i know a lot of designers have tried to sell me on the ******** of crystals etc etc, and the fact is all of that is pretty cheap in india! :smile: but then again i have outfits that translate into thousands of dollars..but they are all chanya choris or choli suits :smile: just suprised at a salwaar kameeze that much!!!

    so the moral of the story: watch out, people will try to loot you! and i for one would hate to see that happen!