Any suggestions how can I ensure I don't get a "bait & switch" happen to me????

  1. Hi I've sold my very first designer bag from my own personal collection and I have been reading about some horror stories about dishonest people pulling a bait & switch, where someone would send an authentic bag and then switch it and report it to eBay stating the bag is fake and want thier money back and keep the real bag. I really don't want that to happen to me so I've made sure to get a tracking number, insurance and take a picture before sending the item, but is that enough to protect me as a 'seller'???

    Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  2. I got myself some self-adhesive Tyvek security wrist bands, the kind you get to wear at a concert or something? They sell them on eBay, cheap. They are individually numbered, and can't be removed without being cut or seriously damaged. You can even sign them if you want. Take a pic of the tag in place on a part of the bag where it would have to be cut off to be removed, like wrapped around a piece of external hardware.

    I got fluorescent yellow so it's not the kind of thing anyone would want hanging off their bag. I state in my auction description that returns would only be considered if the security tags are intact.

    No problems yet!
  3. Oh, and since you've already sold the bag, you probably won't have time to do the eBay thing to get them. I hear they are also sold at party stores (for crowd control, child control, etc).
  4. Thank you for the suggestion, but I still have the bag and it will be sent out tomorrow so I just want to see what I can do to protect myself because it is a beautiful bag and I really don't want to be scammed. Thanks

    I don't think I have time to buy that tag but maybe a ribbon will do or maybe a zap strap?
  5. Wow!! What a fantastic idea. Recently, I purchased a brown chloe satchel on sale at a Macy's in another state. The transaction was done by phone, so the bag was sight unseen. Upon receiving it, I quickly realized that it was a FAKE!!!!! On top of that, there was an area where the stitching was coming apart and it was so obvious!! Long story short....I got my money back, but the fact that someone had the nerve to return a fake bag just blew my mind!! When I ordered it, I was told it was refurbished, and that alone should have sent up red flags I guess! Anyway, if they will do it to a major department store, then a thief will most certainly steal from an Ebay seller. I currently have a Chloe up for sale and that scares the hell out of me. I am going to buy the tags immediately. Thanks again so much!!
  6. this what you are talking about? Here is an Ebay item # for tyvek bands. I want to make sure I am buying the right thing. Thanks again!
  7. More & more sellers have to take this step to protect themselves from unscrupulous buyers. I think it's a great idea- the ones that have to be cut off.
  8. THANKS FOR THE GREAT ADVICE! I just purchased a set on the bay. What an affordable and practical solution.
  9. Thank you to all who have replied, I am sending my shipment tomorrow I have taken a picture of what I am shipping and will send it to the buyer when shipped. I didn't have enough time to get the tags but I creatively made my own and I don't think it can be reproduced and the zap strap I used to tie it on can only be cut and I've engraved my own signature on the platic tie strap so it can't be replaced, it looks kind of sloppy but its my own. Hope this will keep me safe as a seller =) Let me know what you think?? Am I being too paranoid??


    And this is what I'm sending to the buyer to show her the bag is packed and shipped.

  10. VERY VERY creative and i also noticed the tag or enevlope is on a cute stripped's nice yet very effective to prevent a bait and switch!
  11. Hahah Yes it does have a little slip pouch on the tag so it prevents it from any ink stains or anything but I also taped up the tag so the ink won't rub off as a second protection layer. I'm a stay at home mom so when I have time crafts is all I do to keep myself busy at night. =) Thank you for your comment!
  12. That's very cute and creative! What did you use to "engrave" the zip tie? I was thinking of doing something like this - maybe getting an embosser - but the Tyvek wristbands also sound efficient - I hope I can find some numbered ones.
  13. Hi Miri,
    Well I used an embossing pen / heat pen used for engraving anything even metals, I got mine at Micheals for less than $20. I have even engraved the Transaction ID number on the other side of the Zap strap, but those Tyvek straps seems easier, you can find them on ebay for less than $10. A pretty good investment if you tend to sell high quality items.
  14. I love the tag idea and ladyconceptz tag is so cute!!