Any suggestion???? Which one should I get?

  1. I'm thinking of order one of these two bags from Jomashop. Which one should I get??? By the way, I know that Jomashop is reputable for selling authentic Fendi bags. But what about Gucci?
    jomashop_1946_26055521.gif jomashop_1947_35485771.gif
  2. the first one!
  3. I would go with the first, too, but I am not really a fan of gucci!

    I imagine their Guccis would be authentic, too, but I have no knowledge of this. Maybe someone at the Gucci subforum has a Jomashop experience they could tell you about.
  4. i like the fendi bag!
  5. i'm a huge Fendi lover.... but i'd go with the Gucci, that bag is more my style!!

    Good luck
  6. Speaking of jomashop, I ordered a Fendi evening bag in the silver zucchino the Sunday before and I got it less than 8 days later!!! Talk about quick postage. And it's definitely authentic. Very happy :nuts:
  7. I prefer the Gucci by the way. To be very honest, I have never liked the B-bag or any of its variations. Just not my style. But I have seen others carrying it and it looks great on them!
  8. I like the look of the Gucci.
  9. I prefer the jomashop definately an authentic site? Was thinking about buying the black leather and Patent B Bag.
  10. both are really gorgeous. but i think i'd choose the gucci, because it seems larger and i prefer big bags.
  11. If you want something unique, go for the first one. The second one probably allows u to have more room for other stuff.