Any suggestion for similar style like Brentwood

  1. 1 Got Brentwood- it is a little big for my pettie frame ....but love the shape and style.... Any suggestions the style that is similar to this but it bit smaller. I don't like the Houston ( the bottom is to wide)...
    2 What do you think about Bysicbay? (not sure of the speelling)
    Please suggest
    Thanks :shrugs:
  2. Reade PM, but that's a lot smaller.
  3. What about the Monogram Vernis Mott Bag or the Malibu Street? Those are two gorgeous bags that are both nice sizes.
  4. Hmmm, are you sure you don't like the Houston? Sizewise it would be a lot better for a petite frame.
  5. I LOVE the Biscayne Bay but it only comes in colors that are discontinued now (Rouge, Peppermint, Marshmallow, Noisette and I believe, Indigo) so it'll be harder to find. There's a pic of me with mine attached (it's from awhile ago so I can take a new one if you want)...I'm 5'2. I also have a couple of Houston's so I can take a pic with one of those also, if you want.
  6. That bag`s so hot on ya! :love:

    and yes, I`d suggest the Biscayne tooooo!
  7. I love the Biscayne Bay too!
  8. There's a Noisette and Perle Biscayne on Elux; I want the Perle, but won't be getting it, so it's there for you! Noisette is also gorgeous color that could be worn more neutral with more things... I'd also love the Noisette Biscayne... good luck!
  9. Oh, what about thompson street...that would be close.
  10. Thanks! :heart:
  11. Rebecca,

    Do you have the reade pm? If you do, could you take a picture of you with it? Thanks!
  12. I like your bag!!
    How long have you had it
  13. Or the mono Piano?
  14. I don't have that style but I know Michelle (Michelle1025) still has hers, I think.
  15. Thanks! I got it for Christmas in 2005 :yes: