any regrets on the damier koala wallet??

  1. I just saw it at LV is soooooooo cute looking. I purchased the mono zippy wallet instead. But, I keep thinking about the koala one? How do you guys like it?? Please talk me out of it....or should I rethink my purchase!!:s
  2. I love my Koala. It's really difficult to choose the perfect wallet especially if you have too many bags! The zippy wallet is great for the big purses or medium size. I love that one too!
  3. I want both!!:crybaby:
  4. love my damier koala, esp the red lining. :love: only complaint is the zippered change area on the back. it's too small for me really to easily get coins in and out of it, so i don't tend to use it.
  5. I've seen it on Monday and I was immediatly in love...the bad thing is 1) I am a guy and 2) it's very expensive...around 400€.
    The red lining is, I'm sorry to use this chlichéd expression, to die for. It fits the Damier canvas much better than the usual chocolate brown leather. Maybe I should get the coin purse to "tide me over"... but that one is rather expensive as well...I think it's the hardware that makes it so pricey.
  6. but no body find Koala Wallets too big? It look so cute on the internet, but when i see it IRL, i was like this huge CD-case looing thing is the adorable Koala?? don't get me wrong, i love koala and have both Damier and Mono koala agendas, but it's a tab too big to qualify :small, compact wallets IMO.
  7. ^ No, it's perfect ;)
  8. i guess it also depends on do you like to carry receipts/coupons, bill folds or long wallets(no folding the bill)? Personally i like long wallets-keey my $ nice and crisp lol
  9. I have it and looove it. I must confess I bought the matching coin purse for my coins. The red lining is so cute.
  10. I bought the Mono Koala - and it's a beautiful wallet - I ended up giving it to my daughter and she loves it. It's a beautiful wallet. For me - I carry so much I prefer the mono zippy - the Koala can get really bulky if you put a lot in it. But it is really beautiful!
  11. I have the Damier Koala - I like it because it's small yet has 9 cc slots!!! But right now I'm using my Mono Wapity as a wallet since I can put my cell phone in it and take it to lunch when I don't want to carry my purse.
  12. ^^ good idea Laura! Do you keep you ccs and ID etc in anything or loose inside the wapity?
  13. I have the damier koala wallet and I was soooo in love with it at first, now I've kind of fallen out of love with it. I did end up finding it sort of big, and the scratches on the little button on the front started getting to me(no avoiding it when you use a wallet every day). The inside is awesome though.
  14. I have the mono koala and love it. I love how there are so many cc slots and the photo id window, and I like how it is small compared to other wallets. However the change pocket is kind of small and hard to get coins out of, that is my only complaint.
  15. i will never regret my koala wallet...i think this is my fav LV "thing"..even over the bags!