Any recommendations for wallet?

  1. Hi,

    I'm thinking of getting a wallet that I can keep coins, bills and cards. I actually like koala wallet but find the buckle too big. If only they make it smaller for the monogram canvas. Any recommendations?
  2. I know a lot of people like the Port Tresor Intl but I am partial either to the French Purse or the Billfold with coin purse wallets. The latter are slightly smaller but still have a separate change purse, and four credit card holder slots as well as a place for bills. It is nice and compact yet still holds a lot. The French Purse is another nice style. The PTI style is too big and bulky for my tastes.
  3. the ludlow is a great alternative and a lil more feminine than the billfold with coin holder.
  4. I second the French Purse - the perfect size!
  5. If you like it very compact, I agree that the snap billfold wallet is great. The Ludlow holds next to nothing but is great for a pochette; it's tiny.
    I have the billfold in Vernis, which is beautiful. I also have the PTI and use that for my everyday wallet, but it is big, no getting around that. Try out the wallets at the's fun to do that!
    Most LV people love the French Purse the most, I've found. Never had one myself.
  6. I have the Compat Zippe Perforated which I thought was a little less common. The only complaint I have is that it does not have enough credit card slots. I was also partial to the French wallet, but all that brass on the coin compartment makes it a little heavy I think. My other choice was the Koala in Damier which has a nice red interior but someone from this forum returned it becuase the buckle, apparently, scratches easily. What I would really really like to have is a white wallet, the MC Koala, or in Vernis. However, my past experience with a white Versace wallet forces me to say"no more white wallets again", I simply abuse it too much !
  7. I think it depends on the size of handbag you're going to use. if its on the smaller side (reade pm,mini pleaty) i'd go forthe french wallet. If you carry a bigger handbag(speedy, bucket) i'd go for the pti.
  8. I would recommend the French Purse or the snapped billfold, the PTI just seems ungainly large at times.
  9. French purse. Its my favorite LV wallet.
  10. my fav.
  11. I'm voting for the French purse.
  12. Definitive, the compact zippe perfo gets my vote. I´havent seen it because it is from the most new items, and its quite nice, and you will hardly see a replica.
  13. I love love love my LV french purse.
  14. I was thinking about the Zippy Organizer, myself.
  15. Thank you all for your recommendations! What you think of the koala wallet in epi or monogram? The french wallet looks nice.. I like it especially in vernis.