Any problem with your lambskin in a rainy day?

  1. I am deciding between lambskin & caviar. I love lambskin but wonder if i need to take particular caution on a rainy day. I live in a city where it rains a lot! The lambskin on Chanel seems more delicate than other brands like Louis vuitton, fendi, Chloe...etc.

    Any advice/experience? :confused1:
  2. It depends. Vintage Lambskin, no. Modern Lambskin, yes. My vintage lambskin black does not develop water marks from the rain. However, my one year old Beiege Lambskin does and so I do not carry my the beige lamskin in the rain because snow or rain leaves little water marks (darkened spots). I had to use baby powder to get rid of them when this happened and decided to always check the weather report before taking her (my bag) outside. :yes:
  3. Oh dear, what abt the lambskin on the reissues?
  4. i was just using a new lambskin bag today and it started to sprinkle a little. basically when water gets on there will be a dark water spot. once the water dries out though the bag is like normal
  5. The Reissue leather is great!! Mine got a thorough SOAKING and I do mean SOAKED and dried with no problem whatsoever. Still looks brand new!

    See for yourself :yes:

  6. Awesome! :tup: Happy to hear that! Now I don't need to worry about my reissue :p!
  7. the lambskin on my cruise flap was alright, i got caught in the rain and the wet patches were the rain landed on the bag dried up fine - no stains or marks. the leather (it's calfskin right?) on my reissue is hardy, it definitely has braved some tough weather and is still perfectly fine.
  8. My black cambons are fine in the rain, but where i live it doesn't rain often so that could be a factor. I don't think I'd let them get doused in the rain either way, I'm pretty careful with my more expensive bags.. I'd rather get wet than let them get wet :heart:
  9. ^The Cambon is made of calfskin, not lambskin. It is often mistaken for lamb though.
  10. oops! thanks for the correction :heart:
  11. Thank you for your advice and sharing your experience.

    Is the lambskin on the classic flap the same as the lambskin on the reissue? I am quite worry about watermark on the leather.

    Besides, my SA told me that the black is less noticeable if there is scratch. Is it true?
  12. ^ i think reissue leathers are calfskin rather than lambskin?

    (someone please correct me if i'm wrong on this though)
  13. lambskin is a no no w/water! My timeless clutch actually faded AND stained the counter top w/the dye-i just dab it w/damp napkin to get rid of some coffee. When i call in about it, one SA told me she never sell any lambskin b/c it's so hard to keep it up :s:
  14. the reissue leathers are in calf and not lamb. it is distressed calfskin.
  15. lambskin and water do NOT mix!