Any places to find bordeaux or grenat bags?

  1. So I have fallen head over heels with the bordeaux and grenat colors - I was wondering if anyone knows of a reputable place I can get one at, or if I am just stuck to scouring eBay.

    Thanks in advance,

    laura :upsidedown:
  2. I just now saw a Grenat city on anns fabulous finds
  3. ^ thank you for the heads up!
  4. welcome! I just happened to be checking it out as I have a black city on layaway
  5. has some 06 grenat Firsts.
  6. A couple of weeks ago Barneys Chestnut Hill had a Grenat Work.
  7. ^ Thank you both!
  8. I saw a grenat work at Neiman Marcus in Newport Beach tonight. The leather was gorgeous.
  9. I saw this one, too. gorgeous bag. good luck. ;)
  10. someone just snagged this, but there is a gorgy authentic one on *bay right now! check it out...

  11. Sorry i just snagged the grenat from anns fabulous finds..we have good taste!
  12. There is a gorgey Grenat Work at NM in Tysons. Ask for Andrea or Azeb!
  13. Thank you all! :smile:
  14. I don't remember which one of the two was from the 2006 3 season, but Barneys NY on Madison Av has a Work with amazzzing leather. If you call, ask for Leo, he's a great SA who is really helpful and knows Balenciaga well. He helped me two days ago and he was awesome.
  15. I think Cult Status still has a grenat twiggy....