Any Pearly beige owners?

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  1. I have only recently discovered this amazing color :love::love: I would love it if anyone could tell me how their bags have been holding up over the years before I go on the hunt for the metallic sheen peeling or wearing off? Any cons? Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated :smile:
  2. I have a medium and absolutely love mine! It still looks amazing.
    Did you manage to get one? They are very hard to find now unfortunately.
  3. We'll since I missed its release and it was sold out even then, I was just going to keep my eye out on resell sites. But before I make the effort I want to know if it is worth it! It looks AMAZING in the pics I've seen and I think it would make an awesome all occasion bag for me in a CWC to replace the grey patent I have currently (always thought it was a little dark, pulls more fall/winter than I would have liked). Color transfer and peeling are worries I have, I also realize I may have to pay more than retail so want to do my research first! Every time I stay away from chanel, amazing colors come and go and I just want to smack myself!!
  4. I've owned a pearly beige CWC since mid 2012 and it's one of my all time favourite bags! The leather has held up beautifully and the colour still has a brilliant, pearly sheen. I definitely have not had issues with peeling or the leather.

    Hope that helps
  5. Thanks for the input! Do you use the bag frequently?
  6. There's a preowned clutch w chain on ebay right now.

  7. I agree! Disgusting!
  8. Not really. Since it's a clutch, I only really wear it for evening occasions.
  9. I have a CWC and absolutely love it! I had a WOC too but sold it after i got the CWC. It such a gorgeous shade and caviar makes it all the more better. Can use at night to parties as clutch or just normal handbag! No issues with leather or sheen problems, but i do baby my bags alot :P. Good luck in finding one and keep us posted!
  10. I have a Pearly Beige mini and wear it every weekend. It's very useful when I don't carry much during weekend and it prefect with my outfit. It's shiner than regular Beige and more golden undertone than Beige Clair. It's beautiful. The only disadvantage is the ring on top of the flap will dirt the leather chain strap. But it's easy to clean. I usually use leather cleaner to clean it once a while. ;)
  11. Thanks for all of the input, I really love this shade and will keep my eye out - hopefully I can find something and not pay a ridiculous amount for it!! I love it so much I might even go for a jumbo...