Any pad in cream colors

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  1. Are ther anyone in here have a pad in cream? I order 1 from AR but the color on their web look more like off white color. If you guy have this color please post pic thanks:love:
  2. I am also looking to hear from poeple who own paddies in the different white shades:

    cream, craie, ivory, blanc...etc

    Please post Pics!!
  3. Hi Ladies, yes the paddingtons came in different shades of white/cream/ivory etc

    I have two paddingtons in different shades of cream, one is a little like light buttermilk and the other one in ivory. The one that is like light buttermilk was one of the first paddingtons ever released. The ivory one was a later edition....but they are all beautiful.....I need to get my digicam back and I will post pictures ASAP
  4. :jammin: thanks Sally.
  5. my craie paddy....sorry if other bags are included in the picture

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  6. Is your paddy more like a ivory cream or light light brown in person?
  7. Chloe has several different cream shades, here's one thread about them;

    Here's about lovely 2005 vanilla with pictures;

    About a craie; it has a slight pink undertone in it. The one that is ivory cream is propably blanc from s/s 06, and the creme for this fall is like light beige in real :yes: Oh and then there is mastic for this fall - that one I haven't seen irl :biggrin:
  8. oh my I guess I have gotten my color there wrong if CRAIE has a pink undertone then mine is NOT craie.....looking at my bag, it looks like ivory/ cream...sorry if i couldnt be of any help
  9. MY pad shopper is more like latte cream. Thank you for your help i was expect more of an off white color.