Any other denim bags besides Cabas?

  1. Are there any other style denim bags by Chanel out there? I really love the large cabas but wish it was in baby cabas size. Does Chanel have any other styles in denim? I remember last year on their website they had a few and some were really cute.
  2. Only thing I know of was about two years ago... The "sparkling denim collection."
  3. I don't know the name of teh Ligne, but there was a lot of denim bags last year, some really cool ones too!
    Also, there was a Luxe Ligne denim tote last year.
  4. i have the Luxe Ligne denim tote from last year, there were about 4 in the collection...........once in a while they show up on eBay...............most are real there because it wasn't hardly at all knocked off (i realize the phrase "hardly at all" can be the dealbreaker here............:death:
  5. luxury bowler has denim. the classic flaps has denims too.
  6. I didn't know the lux bowler had denim, cute! Does anyone on the forum have it?