any opinions???

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. that should be an easy one!!

    --look at the "authenticity cards"
  3. Are you being sarcastic? I know nothing about LV so honestly I don't know if you're being truthful or not{?}
  4. Sorry, super Fake.
  5. I was actually laughing when I posted this...WHAT IS THAT COLOR???
  6. What Blackbutterfly means is that the "authenticy cards" shown are a give away on that it's a fake, LV NEVER made cards like that. So any auctions you see with these will have a fake bag for sale.
  7. exactly. sorry you couldn't catch the's difficult online...should've used emoticons to express what i meant...

    the bag's authenticity cards :suspiciou
    that bag in general :sick:

    Basically when you look at bags on eBay, if you see those cards, or the white hanging things on the bags or the swatches of material hanging from the bags, THEY ARE FAKE.
  8. Also a "$4000" bag for $150? I think not.