Any opinions on metallic black vs dark silver reissue?

  1. I can't decide b/w these two bags (metallic black would be w/ ruth hardware). at first i wanted the metallic black because for the last couple of years, i've been having a 'biker-chic' moment, and i thought the metallic black w/ the silver-toned hardware would really work with that look but also be soemthing classic i'd have for the rest of my life. i saw the metallic black in person, and the 'metallic' quality is not as pronounced in my opinion as i would've hoped. then i saw how gorgeous the dark silver was - and it didn't seem as flashy as some of the other reissue colors. i don't like to draw too too much attention to myself - just a bit! and i love black and silver together. if anyone would be willing to share opinions, i'd be really grateful. i'd do either in the 227 size. TIA!:yahoo::yahoo:
  2. I'm loving the dark silver this year. I think black will always be around, so I would wait and get the DS first. Or you can always get both!!:p
  3. I can't believe how much I am in love with my dark silver! I love it more every day! I almost passed on it without seeing it IRL and I'm so glad I didn't. It's my favorite bag. I also have the metallic black and while I love it too, there's just something extra special about the dk silver!
  4. I've seen both black and dark silver IRL and I have to say that I'm absolutely in love wiht dark silver. I'm buying myself a dark silver reissue 226, hopefully she will arrive within this week
  5. Thanks - I really appreciate your input!!
  6. I think that both of these colors are really just so beautiful. If I could only choose one, I would go with the dark silver. It is just a bit more unusual than the black, but it still goes with everything and would be really versatile. I really loved the metallic purple this season, and the dark silver was my second choice. Black would be further down the list for me.
  7. i have both the metallic black and dark silver '07. but on the end, i returned the MB and kept the DS. here are my thoughts on both bags;

    Metallic Black - the color is great! but the ruthenium HW is matte. so it kinda blends with the bag. IMO it doesn't really stand out.

    Dark Silver - the color is really stunning IRL:love:. the color and the shiny HW combination matches perfectly!:okay: i love that the DS reissue '07 is more of a chameleon color with a pink undertone in it:heart:. plus it's very easy to match with your outfit:tup:

    GL in your decision! and dnt forget to post pics.
  8. i've got the black one...
    but...when i saw the dark silver.. omg...that's tooooo my opinion .if u wanna a small one like 225 226 so choose the mb...

    the dark silver one .... i think the bigger the better...i 'm still waiting for the jumbo size~
  9. i'm in love w/my dark silver 226.