Any one seen(help me locate)

  1. wondering if anyone has seen the soho sig. satchel in the outlets way recently? sorry no number, but it zips around, and a good way to describe it is boxy(?) windering b/c i had my eye on it and they've taken it off the website, that larger one is there but not the smaller one,ALSO
    silly q, but when are the new sig stripe stuff coming out?:love:
  2. I haven't seen the signature ones, but I saw the leather ones white with brown straps about 3 weeks ago at round rock
  3. I have not seen the soho signature satchel at the Outlets. The new signature striped stuff hits the stores
    on Monday, May 21st.
  4. ooh! i'm so excited! i've got my eye on the new sig strip tote! this is bad news seeing as how they comeout monday and luckily i get paid will once again leave me broke!:love::happydance: