any one like the musette mono or damier??

  1. First....I want to say hello..I'm new here and I absolutely LOVE LV. I was wondering what your opinions are on the musette (large one)? and if you like it, do you like it in the mono or damier? I can't decide if its cute or not. :confused1: I have a 2 year old and I think it would be useful (hands free...haha) I have 2 speedys and they are hard to use..but I love them. I usually just take my wallet out and keep the bag in the car. Any thoughts...would be great!! Thanks
  2. i find that a little big, but it would be a very useful bag, especially if you need your hands free for your child

    i myself have the Mono Musette Salsa, the smaller version, and i love it
  3. not really a fan of this bag... but i think it looks much better in damier.
  4. I also wanted to say that I'm not a small girl..about 5'9.
  5. I have this bag ( musette) and use it all the time. I love that it fits a ton and is hands free. :heart:

    Its one of the most functional bags that I have. The flap is a little long when you open and close it but it is PRICELESS to have a messenger style bags that is not super bulky. It sits nicely close to the body.

    You will love this bag. Promise.

    Once I use mine to death I will buy another one. I love it that much. I have the mono one by the way
  6. FABULOUS bag!!! If you have little ones, go with damier!;) And welcome to tPF!!!:flowers:
  7. Yes, sounds like a good choice since you have kids.

    And please, for your own sake, don't leave your bag IN YOUR CAR! Even if you are going to run a 3 minute errand you risk someone breaking into your car and taking off with the poor speedy!:shocked:
  8. Noooo-don't leave your bag in the car! It's expensive to replace the bag AND the glass the thief breaks when he steals your bag!!!! It only takes a pro thief a second. . .

    I think the musette looks great in damier.
  9. I like the damier.
  10. I think it's very cute in damier.
  11. I personally prefer the mono Musette, had one but sold it. For some reason the Damier one looks masculine to me, but I love/adore all other Damier bags though.