Any Nordstrom's selling Chanel bags?

  1. Hi ladies - is there a Nordstrom store that has a Chanel boutique/sells Chanel bags? I know Nordstrom is known for its great price-matching policy, so I was hoping to track down a Nordies that could price match a Chanel sale item. Any leads would greatly appreciated!
  2. Thanks so much for the info! I just called Nordies in downtown Seattle and it looks like they are the only Nordies in the country carrying Chanel. They are having a 33% off sale off just about everything in their Cambon series too -- sad part is most of the stuff are already no black Cambon (any style) left whatsoever.

    But they do have a Cambon Reporter in WHITE in Snakeskin CC's as well as White with Black CC's....both still available for 33% off. If anyone is on the lookout for those, give them a call 206-628-2111. I didn't ask this....but I'm pretty sure that just like all other Nordies selections, their on-sale Chanels are not final sale (return/exchanges ok).

    Now, here's something that alarmed me -- the Nordies Chanel SA said that ALL Cambon Reporters except the mini size are being phased out. I asked her if the black/black Cambon Reporter in the medium size (around $3100 retail, the most popular size) will be no longer be made, and she confirmed yes. Has anyone else heard about this from their Chanel SAs? I'd thought that the black Cambons would remain a permanent part of Chanel.
  3. I have been emailing with the manager of the Nordstrom downtown Seattle Chanel boutique and she stated that the beige and pink colors of all cambon styles are being discontinued. She didn't say anything specifically about the cambon reporters in black though. I hope this is false information because I one day want to own the medium reporter in black too!

    The two white reporters on sale are $2,089. That's a great markdown!
  4. Aren't they fazing out the beige w/black cc's coz they have the beige w/patent beige cc's out now? Not the beige altogether?
  5. Are the Chanel sunnies on sale at the Seattle Nordstrom as well?
  6. are the cambon flats at seatlle nordstrom on sale too?