Any Modelling Pics of Damier Canvas Greewich PM

  1. Hi everyone! I'm considering purchasing the Damier Canvas Greenwich PM bag and I was wondering if anyone has any modelling pics? It looks good on but I wonder how it looks when someone is carrying it. Thanks in advance!
  2. PM and GM.
    0925greenPM1.JPG 0925greenPM2.JPG 0925greenPM3.JPG 0925greenGM1.JPG 0925greenGM2.JPG
  3. ^Adore the PM!
  4. x2, I didn;t realise it could be folded up causally like that. Ahhhh this is the downside of this forum!! :graucho:
  5. wasnt the gm D/Cd?
  6. I used to have the PM but recently sold it. The PM can be carried folded and not. It's a great overnight travel bag....
  7. Oh i love them bolth.
  8. Yes, it was:yes:
  9. wow thanks! these pictures are lovely!
  10. The PM is my fav permanent line LV luggage piece :biggrin: And is the basis for my custom order which is happening right now.