Any mlb fans hee

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  1. Going to my first jays game this summer. Silly ques but since i will be traveling to toronto im wondering what kind of bags people usually brong to games. Thx
  2. I usually take one of my saffiano crossbodies (MK Mini Hamilton or TB Shrunken Robinson Square Tote). Lightweight, easy to carry, durable, and I'm not going to be upset if anything happens to them.
  3. Here are a couple photos, found online, of jays fans. With bags shown--

    Seems crossbody/hands free bags are popular. May be large or small. Some carry backpacks or totes.
    May want to take a jacket. Or sunscreen. Or not. Will determine size needed.

    When I attend any baseball game, I take a smaller bag. Which I can hold on lap & has a strap.
    Because ground will be sticky with my dripping snowcone juice. ;)
    Something with secure closure is nice, as eyes are on game much of time. Which pickpockets love.

    Hope helps.
  4. Thx ladies!!
  5. A nice crossbody, can hold your phone wallet, a little sneak in snack, and its not too bulky! But something not too small that you dont lose anything! :biggrin:
  6. Thx i think i might take my minkoff then
  7. In my neck of the woods we have garlic fries, and your bag will smell like garlic for days even if you're not the person who ordered the fries. Plus, there's always the chance someone will spill their beer. Also, they search your bag at the entrance, so I'd bring something small, filled with just the essentials.