Any MD ladies going to the trunk show at Saks, Chevy Chase MD on..

  1. this Thursday or Friday? It's from 10-4. I'm am going to try, but ..... not sure I'll make it due to other obligations.
  2. What are the details of the trunk show? Do you need an invite? Are they going to have any special deals?
  3. Hmmm...I might try to go. I'm in VA and have never been to that Saks as I always go to Tysons, but I might try to go. Thanks for the heads up!:smile:
  4. Thanks I did not even know about the trunk show...
    I might go..IT would be nice if a bunch of us went together
  5. If anyone goes to the Saks show today, can you please tell me if they have a black GST with gold hardware? THANKS!
  6. No invite, you can see and try on the bags, look at the look-book, find out exactly what bags and colors are coming to Saks nationwide. You can also put your name down on the waitlist, so you'll get first crack at the bag/s when they arrive. First floor, Chanel handbags. They'll have the clothes and shoes out upstairs also. Again, to try on and order. HTH
  7. Ahh sounds like fun but I'm not really living near MD. Does anyone know - Will ALL Saks nationwide have a trunk show or is it just the *bigger* Saks? I'd LOVE to go to one but don't know if our local Saks will be having one!! TIA!
  8. Darn...I wish I could go...but off to work...I will go....Ladies...have a great time at the trunk show and please update us of the fabulous new items....Enjoy!!!
  9. I wish I can go. Working in Herndon office this week otherwise I'll be there.

    By the way, Tysons Galleria NM will have the Chanel trunk show on 1/24 and 1/25 in case you miss this one.
  10. thanks for that info, im going!!
  11. I may see if I can make it. I know I can go on Saturday, but I may try to take a late long lunch on Friday :okay:
  12. if anyone wants to go to MD Saks I would love the company, it's this week , right?
  13. If its on Thursday, I'm there.... Which day is the actual date?
  14. was last week...Jan 10 & 11. Sorry. There's a Neiman's coming up on the 24th and 25th in VA.