Any Luck On Ebay????

  1. Well I did something I typically try to stay away from, but for some reason, I was sitting at the computer and got sucked in:sneaky:
    So it came down to the final 3 minutes and I was amazed this bag would start climbing in price, but it didn't.....:amazed: Since it had lots (over 2200) of FB, there was an easy return policy and all the photos looked authentic, I placed a bid with the max I would go and I actually won!
    So during the 3 days of waiting for it to arrive:sweatdrop: I kept double checking the listing looking for signs pointing to being a fake or something wrong with it, but I could not find a thing.
    Well, she arrived this morning and I am still :yes::wlae: I can not believe this actually worked out in my favor!
    Here is the XL Ramona that I paid $560.00 for:yahoo::yahoo:
    This is one of the few times I can honestly say I found a Great deal on eBay
    xlramona.jpg xlramona2.jpg xlramona4.jpg xlramona3 (2).jpg xlramona5 (2).jpg
  2. That is gorgeous, congrats! No matter how many times you examine the photos in a listing, its hard not to hold your breath until it arrives and can examine the bag in person. That is such a great deal, and that color is just fantastic!
  3. OMG! It is more beautiful than the stock photos! Congratulations on such a fantastic deal! I can't wait to see it when we meet up in Chicago. When are we meeting up in Chicago?:graucho:
  4. Tomorrow:graucho: Maybe we can meet up with Maxter too!:party:
  5. So you are the one that outbid me.... I was not happy - that day I was rushing home cuz I knew some1 was going to outbid me ( i bid 300 when the starting bid was 92 ) and when i finally did i saw that the auction ended ..... congrats Robyn!!! and enjoy her
  6. What a steel Robyn.:nuts: Only you have the eyes for Choos:yes: Congrats.:yahoo:
  7. Good for you! I wondered who won that bag! I didn't bid, but thought about it. Is it burgundy? Beautiful! I think people think everything on eBay is fake, and most of it is, but there are some authentic bags out there. That price is unheard of! :yahoo:
  8. Oh Robyn, congrats! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red J.Choo bags. It is TDF. And the distressed leather is fabulous. Enjoy!!

    Hey, don't you already have a red bag - share the love!!
  9. Great bag Robyn!!

    You must have a closet full of Choos!:nuts::nuts::nuts:
    When you have a free moment could you post a pic of your Choo family!
  10. Wow - congrats on a fantastic steal.
  11. Wow, great deal. The selling must have taken a major loss on it.
  12. I've thought this was such a cool bag ever since I saw it on J Lo! :supacool:

    How is the it very much larger than a regular Ramona? Do you love it? It looks AMAZING and what a steal....congratulations!! :yahoo::yahoo:

  13. thats a great J Lo pic - thanks for posting it.
    LOVE the bag!
  14. Hey Stinkerbelle:heart:
    The size is not a whole lot larger on paper
    Height 14/10
    Width 19.5/17
    Depth 7.5/6.5
    But to me, it is way larger:oh: It will make a really cool weekend tote or when I am going to DD dance competitions and I want to toss the camera, program, some touch up "stuff" and a few snacks:graucho: As much as I love large bags, I doubt I would want to use it as an everyday bag unless maybe I was still toting a small child around and then be able to eliminate the whole diaper bag hassle:blah:
  15. I'm with you....that bag would instantly become my new favorite piece of luggage. :heart: A fantastic weekend tote! For what you paid for that bag, got such a great deal! It's listed on sale at NAP for something like $1900. Here's a photo from NAP, the model is 5' 11', as am I....every night when I fall asleep and dream of becoming a runway model! ;)

    But it's a great reference for size for anyone lusting after this bag. As a weekend tote it is tdf you very lucky girl!! :drool: