Any Loyd Maish fans?

  1. It was a Loyd Maish bag I saw at a Bellagio shop that started my high end bag addiction. Her Ginger Gems bag seems to have fans since Tano, Helen Welsh & Betsey Johnson have copied it! If you aren't familiar with her bags, check them out:

    TDF in my humble opinion. :smile: I want them all!

  2. Never heard of her before, but MY GOODNESS - you have added another (if not more than one) to my must have list... now to search the collections... mmmmmm.... :love:
  3. I bought a gorgeous red Loyd Maish bag from Nordstrom last fall that I loved, but after about a week of carrying it one of the grommets around the handle fell off. If it was decorative I wouldn't have minded but on the handle, I care. Not what I expected from a $1200 bag, but fortunately Nordstrom took it back.
  4. I noticed some Loyd Maish in the Matches lookbook, and had never heard of it before that, but now I really like it. The bags looks quite unique and well made. For those of you who have a loyd Maish bag, please post pics - id love to see them!
  5. Has anyone else bought a LM bag? I've seen them online and am in love!!!! - but I am concerned about buying one after reading about balihai88's experience. Anyone else out there who can share their experiences?
  6. hmm i like the bags! very unique and eye catching. who else sells them besides Nordstrom and bellagio in LV?