Tech Any Leica D-Lux fans here?


Aug 3, 2006
Lately, I've been on the prowl for a point and shoot camera. I've been using a Canon 400D DSLR with 17-55mm IS (amazing lens!), 70-300mm and crappy ol' 18-55mm lenses. However, I'm finding it difficult to lug around a heavy camera which I can't exactly whip out of my handbag whilst trying to keep an eye on an active toddler.

Which brings me to....... exploring a whole new world of P&S compact cameras. I'm smitten with the Leica D-Lux 4 but I haven't had the opportunity to see one in person (the closest camera store has sold out of their Leica compact cameras). Does anyone have one? I'd love to see your photos to get an idea of the quality of shots one can get out of a Leica D-Lux.


May 4, 2007
I don't have the D-Lux but have the C-Lux 2 and have been nothing but impressed. My OH bought it for me Christmas before last and I'm rarely without it because not only is it superlight but it's so easy to get great pics

I know you saw my shot of my latest purchases on the H forum so you have an idea of how good the pics are


Living a new Life
Mar 13, 2008
I bought the Panasonic LX3 in black which is almost the same as the Leica D-Lux 4.

From what I have found out is that the firmware and lens coating is slightly different.

I am very happy with the LX3, it makes great quality pictures. (My other cameras are the Nikon D1H and Nikon D40). The only shortcoming is the small zoom length (same as the Leica) but the picture quality makes up for it. When I bought it the price was half that of the Leica so a no brainer to me. I have seen some comparison shots online and I do not see enough difference to justify the additional cost.

I recently used both my Nikon D40 with the 70-200VR f2.8 lens and the LX3 to cover the short range, perfect combination, no need to continue to change lenses.


Aug 11, 2009
I love leica's camera and always wish to own one in my life, but then they are really so pricy, and I got a dslr. With the EP-1 came out recently, I probably would more likely to bite on the EP-1 than Leica due to the price issues...