Any ladies ever carry anthing from the Geant line?

  1. I know it's for the boy's but I really like some of the messenger bags & duffle. (I'm too lazy to check for the technical names this morning..) They look really cool for travel &/or sightseeing. Would a girl look crazy carrying one of these?
  2. no you wouldn't look crazy...i have one, and i know a couple of other girls do as well. this is my bag from the other day and what i had in it. i've been using it a lot recently.

  3. I think a girl would look good carrying one.
  4. ^ I almost bought one of those bags in France..I LOVE that line...! Go for it!
  5. Thanks for the pic! That's the exact bag I was looking at! I had to laugh, I also have that same B & B works lotion.. Love it:love:

  6. I love the Geant line. I've considered buying a bag from that line for some time. Haven't done it yet but I'd definately carry one.
  7. I wanted to buy the backpack but I'll continue to wait
  8. I saw Whitney Houston carrying one. Other than the fact that she looked like a hot mess, her bag was cute!
  9. I really like it.
  10. i really like the backpack~
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