Any J crew fans? new arrivals!

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  1. I am a SAHM and LOVE J Crew. I dress casually-mostly jeans/khakis/cardigans. Has anyone seen their first spring collection. There are some beautiful things, I especially like their graphis T's. They look great with cardigans. Their new stuff in store is not on line though- weird. Anyway I can't wait to buy some things to brighten up this long cold winter!
  2. I love J. Crew. Almost everything I buy is from J. Crew or Nordstrom. I love their T shirts, pocket polos, and cashmere sweaters. I have not seen the new spring collection, but I am looking forward to it
  3. I love J Crew's 3 inch chino shorts. I think I have them in every color, lol. I also love their cardigans, and they have great sweaters and plain shirts to wear. I love the classy look.
  4. I love J Crew too! It's my go-to brand whenever I feel the need to shop. I love how their clothes are very classic and can be both casual and business-like depending on what you pair them with. I think their wool and cashmere sweaters and cardigans are my absolute favorites - I've tried tons of other brands and theirs really do hold up the best!
  5. I'm a sucker for J Crew as well- I have one right next to my subway stop and Whole Foods. I go that way every day so I pop into J Crew constantly. Love the cardigans and the applique tees. I saw the new tees the other day and resisted the urge to plunk down $135 on 3 t-shirts but unfortunately, the little devil on my shoulder has been poking at me to go back and get them:P