Any info /pics on a H buckle belt made by Touaregs ???

  1. I've met my SA at FSH yesterday, and while I was leaving, I asked if I could exchange a belt I had never worn (the classic H Gold buckle with reversible black/gold leather ...).

    He told me yes of course (:love: this guy), and I while I was planing with him the best day to come back next week...
    He told me he has to show me a buckle belt made by Touaregs : each buckle is unique !!!

    I've done some research but still haven't found this misterious Touareg buckle Belt:confused1:...

    Would you have any info or pics :flowers:????
  2. They had at least a couple of these, in the regular size upstairs, at fsh, until aout 10 days ago. They're beautiful. Quite expensive but beautiful.

    I don't have a picture, sorry.
  3. Thank you Trama !! Beautiful ?? Could you please describe it for me :flowers: ???
    And when you say expensive...what range of price do you have in mind ;) !
  4. :lol: If he brings out a diamond one out, you're doomed :devil:
  5. ^^Transcendent:nogood::lol:

    Thank you Duna :flowers:: this buckle is just:drool:!!!
  6. Fromparis, yes, that's what they look like, and, even if they are similar, no two drawings are alike.
  7. I have one from a few years ago. I had heard about them and asked at Madison Avenue. They pulled one out wrapped in tissue from a drawer and I bought it immediately. I think they are incredibly beautiful and unique. They are heavy and sterling silver, so they require some polishing. I think it gives a nice edge to the H and is almost reminiscent of western buckles. I think of it as my most casual H buckle (even though it is the most expensive!).
  8. Thank for your input Trama and Castorny !!!
    I love this buckle and the unicity concept !!!
    I'm going to check the different patterns available with my SA...and we'll see :graucho: ..
  9. Oooh... I saw a couple at Madison Ave last summer. They are cool!
  10. I bought 2 in 1998 I don't remember if I had much of a selection or price, but I think they are sooo cool!!!! I know they had a line of touareg things, because I found a touareg spinning H lock on blufly. I bought it and was so excited until they sent the wrong lock (one inventory number off) then I was sooo pissed!!! Of course it was the only one and someone else bought it.:cursing:
    tour bucks large.jpg
  11. I'm sorry you didn't have the Touareg lock in the end...
    Your 2 Touareg Buckles are Gorgeous :drool: !!!

    Thank you EncoreHermes for posting pics :flowers: !!!
  12. Beautiful belt buckles Encore Hermes.
  13. thanks fromparis and sus! :shame: