Any info on these Versace...

  1. sunglasses? They're the ones on the female... they are PERFECT!!!! Does anyone know the name, style number, or price on these awesome sunnies? Or if they've been released yet?

  2. Hey John, I've seen it before I think..Not sure about the style number and stuff... Have you checked the boutique?
  3. Love the case!
  4. Darn!!! I went by the mall today too!!! They're fixing to go close down for 3 months for renovation... I better swing by before it's too late... :sweatdrop:

    I just wanted to stop by here to see if any of you had any info on these hot sunnies... :supacool:
  5. sorry, no info, but they are hot!
  6. oh, i like the ones on the guy! i really like him as an actor too! very expressive, if not pigeonholed, unfortunately.