Any info on new spring scribble pieces?

  1. Does anyone have any info on when or if coach will be coming out with any scribble pieces this year? Thanks!
  2. Oooo that sound interesting ....
  3. I want to know too. Good question. I hope they are better quality than last year. I hat a tote and the corners frayed very easy. And I had it less than a month. I would love some more scribble this year. I get to buy a bag w/accessories for my b-day and I just can't choose!!
  4. They would be out in April or Mays floorset.
  5. i love the scribble, but the material is like a magnet for dirt...perhaps a patent scribble??!!! that would suit my fancy
  6. They are making the perfume in a scribble bottle so the SA that I shop with said she thinks that that may be an indication that some new pieces are coming out this year.
  7. I hope the new Scribble stuff is cute. I really want a spring/summer wristlet and the new Spring Patchwork is icky.
  8. Me too, I want some Scribble!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. you do?? i wouldn't have guessed it by your collection...:wtf:
  10. I hope so!!!! I love Scribble and missed out in the past!
  11. I was just looking back through my coach e-mails from last year and on Feb 23rd I received the Hampton Weekend and Scribble e-mail about it being in stores. I am hoping this means end of February again this year.
  12. That would be pretty!! Great suggestion!!
  13. Yes, I want to know too!!! I loved the original Scribble from several years ago, the bright colors. I haven't really liked it too much since then, I am hoping they will have a pattern I love this year!!! I can't wait!!!

    A very strange Scribble sighting... Not too long ago at a factory store in PA, they were selling the old original Scribble bags from several seasons ago. I asked how, and they told me they occasionally rerelease some older bags. Odd, but i was happy since I had sold one on eBay prior to that (after it became soiled from use), and I had only seen them at TJ Maxx occasionally before that (but passed on buying one at the time). These were heavily clearanced!
  14. I'm interested to see if I will like this year's scribble since I've always missed out in the past too.
  15. Oh I love the pastel scribble for 2007! I have the well child multifunction diaper bag and a mini skinny.

    I used to have a scribble wallet and wristlet too. But I ended up returning it back to the Coach store. NOW I wish I had kept the wristlet!

    So far mine is as good as new. You just need to be careful. I get so many compliments on it.