Any info on grey flannel Downtown?

  1. Hi everybody!

    Just stumbled over the pics for Stefano Pilati`s "Essentielles" collection for YSL featuring a Sac Downtown in grey flannel.

    (It´s also to be seen in the Pre-Hiver Collection section of the website)

    Has anyone got any information concerning price and launch date?

  2. Sorry, I have no further info., but I love the pic on the site! Good luck tracking one down.

  3. I saw this new bag at YSL in SF on Monday, July 9. Let me know if you would like the SA's number.
  4. Did you happen to get to know the price of this beauty, pinkbabydoll? I`m in Europe so it be probably easier for me to get it here than to have it shipped from SF. But thanks a lot for your help though!
  5. i was at the ysl store yesterday, and the one they have isn't the one pictured above...
    the one they have is more luggage and it's wider than it is tall, $1695...
    i asked my sa about the taller one, and she said that one will probably be around $1795...
  6. this is the other flannel downtown (on top)
  7. i love the flannel downtown, but screw 1795!
  8. Seriously, its cute, but for that price, you could get a leather Downtown. :rolleyes:
  9. i know! i'd rather have cypress!
  10. We have the original size flannel downtown at Bergdorf's. Not sure of the price. Can let you know on Monday. It costs $50 to ship outside of the country if you want to order from BG.
  11. Sorry C_24, I don't remember how much it cost!
  12. I just checked and the price for the medium (original) size is $1295. The oversize shouldn't be that much more.
  13. woohoo!!
    i wouldn't mind paying 12 or 1395 for it. plus it will probably go on sale... :ninja:
  14. i just called ysl nyc and the sa said the medium is $1295 and the large is $1495...
    the luggage version pictured above zips all the way across and is $1695...

    shirise has one on their site for $1595...
    isn't this the medium size? guess they mark it up...


    YSL felt fabric tote with leather trim and straps. Top angled corner zippers with an open top. Black satin lining with a zipper pocket. Size: aproximately 12.5" wide by 12.5" high by 10" depth.
  15. So there`s the medium size, the oversized and the travel size from the 48 collection (or how is it called? I keep forgetting the new capsule collection`s name :shame:smile:

    1295 US isn`t that bad and 1495 for the large one is still in my limits, too, but I wonder if it wasn`t better to save up only a cpl of hundreds more and get a leaterh version...

    But thanks for all the info though, ladies!