Any Info on Chanel Camera Case

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  1. hello i was interested in getting the 09 cruise camera case but don't no which size to get. i dont have a chance to see it cause theres no chanel boutique near me. i'm 5'7..... which size is good medium or large? can the chain be pulled all the way so u can wear across body? The vintage lambskin..... is it pretty durable?? thanks for any info
  2. What does "cruise" mean? Sorry, I'm a newbie to Chanel and I saw someone had a Jumbo Flap Cruise and I'm curious to know what the difference is.
  3. I'm thinking that's just the line but is there anything different about the bag? :smile:
  4. I am 5'8 and i prefer the large camera case, but i like larger bags. also, the straps cannot be made into a cross body bag. the drop isnt long enough. crusie does refer to the line
  5. I'm 5'6 and I have the reissue camera case in medium. i can carry the bag cross-body even when I was 9 months pregnant. The CRUISE line's camera case bags do NOT have movable straps, they're like a toggle-in style, can't turn the double shoulder straps into a single long strap, don't know why they did if you want to be able to turn the double straps into a single strap, you might want to look into the reissue line. :smile:
  6. there actually is a disadvantage to the single strap that bugs me. when i hold the bag on my shoulder with just one strap (which i do often fishing for phone, keys), the bag is pulled shut because of the chain. for that reason, i would like the double straps. also, even though i appreciate the convenience of being able to wear it crossbody, i don't like the way it looks so i never do it. so it makes sense to me why they made the new camera bags different (and why i will be getting one!)