Any ideas on what bags Eva/Kelly are wearing?

  1. I love these two bags. Any ideas on what designers/style names they are? TIA!!
    dog3.jpg eva.JPG
  2. Sorry I can't help you with this one babe, but I bet someone in the forum can!
  3. can't help too...i'm sorry!
  4. Had to take a peek, but can't help...sorry
  5. Oh well...thanks anyway PF'ers!:flowers:
  6. I think Kelly has a Marc Jacobs.
  7. It's so hard to tell from the tiny pic, and bad angle, but Eva's bag reminds me of a Tod's.
  8. I found two more. They're still at bad angles though.
    eva2.JPG eva3.JPG
  9. rafe.jpg
  10. I love Eva's bag!!!!!
  11. Wow Maxie! I think you're right! Such a pretty bag at a great price. Thanks so much everyone!!:love: