Any hope of finding this CL VP shoe?

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  1. I remember seeing a metallic VP at Saks recently. I think it was the gold, but it may have been bronze. You may want to try calling an SA at Saks. Hope you find them!
  2. I own those and so I asked my SA to search for you. There is only a 37.5 and 38.5 showing, no 38. Could you make either of those sizes work? Saks has some rose gold ones available I believe.
  3. First off, a big thanks for the speedy and helpful replies! Now, some specific ?:

    ashakes: I can take a 38.5--I will pad the shoe if I have to!!!! Is this the gold or rose gold shoe that your SA found? Which store is your SA at? I want to call ASAP!

    surlygirl: At which Saks did you see the gold or bronze ones?
  4. Call Barneys San Francisco. My regular SA is not there, but another gentleman helped me since I shop there a lot. If you call right now, he will know b/c I just had him search for them.

    It is the gold as pictured above. That is the one I personally own as well. That one was only available at Barneys.

    The rose gold was from Saks and is still available at some Saks. If you do a search on the forum, you will see the rose gold ones.
  5. Ashakes: I just called and they are closed:sad: Do you have your SA's direct number??
  6. Yes, yes, gold all the way! Why did Barneys close a minute before I called:sad:(
  7. No, b/c he is not my SA. I only have mobile #s of my regular SAs. lol They just closed. Sorry!

    Call Vegas. Use the SKU from the link you have and they will find them. He actually called another store I believe, so I bet Vegas has them anyways!
  8. Weird, I called Vegas an hour or so ago and the guy swore Barneys was sold out company wide. I will try again now. Wish me luck!
  9. Maybe he checked the warehouse inventory. I just know he told me a 37.5 and 38.5 were available. If you don't have luck tonight, PM me and I will have my regular SA hunt them down for you.

    Also, some SAs are just lazy. Some forget they work on commission. :smile:
  10. So, got another SA on the line and he thinks he can get a 38.5! Will call me back in 5 min, so I am staring at the clock--will keep you posted, but big big, thanks ashakes--you are so right about lazy SAs...I even asked that first SA to check the computer inventory and he insisted it was sold out...too bad for him!
  11. Good luck!
  12. Ok, so Barneys has one pair, but it is damaged:sad: The SA is working on finding out how damaged they are, so the saga will continue until tomorrow---stay tuned! Thanks for all the support:smile:
  13. i hope they are not too damaged! good luck, i really hope you are able to get them! they are gorgeous!

    make sure you let us know as soon as you know! haha