Any helpful SA at Bal NY?

  1. I have never bought a bbag before and wanted to know if anyone has any good SA they would recommend. I wanted to make sure that the SA will be helpful since I will be doing a phone order and wont be able to see the bag myself. Any suggestions?
  2. Joseph! He's super patient, nice and even remembers my name the second time I was there!
  3. Daphne. She picks out gorgeous bags and she is super sweet. :yes:
  4. Yes, definitely ask for JOSEPH. He's the best when it comes to helping you choose the leather and a very nice and patient guy.
  5. I have bought bags from both Kim and Sarah. I like both of them, but I loved the way Sarah packaged my Twiggy the best.
  6. I adore Sarah. When she went on vacation she recommended Kim or Daphne.
  7. Sarah and Daisy!!
  8. I have purchased two bags there from Daisy and both times she sent EXACTLY what I asked for!
  9. Joseph is the one I've consistently read the most good things about on this forum.
  10. Joseph is fabulous!
  11. Joseph!
  12. Definitely Joseph or Daphne!:love:
  13. Terry! He's great!
  14. Another vote for Joseph! He is always extremely helpful, and if you're very specific on what type of leather you want for your bag, he will do his best to find it! I've bought most of my bags sight unseen, and I've always trusted Joseph to find one that I'll love! :heart:
    Kim is also very nice. I had once called in to find out what their current stock was, and she emailed it to me right away!
    Good luck, and let us know what you decide to get! :smile:
  15. Definitely Joseph! He is always honest and does an amazing job picking out the leather. When I was searching for a Blueberry City, they had some in stock but he said that he would rather wait for the next shipment coming in because he didn't think I'd be happy with the leather on the ones they already had.