Any good outlets near Atlantic City?

  1. I'm going to Atlantic City for a concert this Sunday, and I was hoping to hop on a taxi to go to an outlet nearby. I don't have a main focus. Just want some nice bargains on clothes, shoes/boots, or more bags :rolleyes:. I found the Atlantic City Outlets, but there's nothing that attracts me. Haven't been to an outlet for a long time, and after reading deals from Off Saks and NR rack, I wanna go to one!!! Anyone has recommendations?
  2. I don't think there are any near AC. Just the AC outlets and the high-end shopping mall.
  3. There is this mall, I am not sure if they are outlets or not, but it's right on the boardwalk by the casinos, it is high-end, but I don't know if they are outlets. Either way, I would recommend going there it is a very nice shopping area.
  4. the outlets in ac are it. they're pretty standard, with the usual coach, banana republic, ralph lauren, etc. i grew up in nj, so i'm used to those types of outlets around me! the pier at caesar's is the high-end mall mentioned above - it opened last summer fully and its fabulous! at least for the eye candy - theres an LV, bottega veneta, gucci, burberry, and many more!
  5. ^^Yup, The Pier is the mall I meant. It's a really fun mall with a good stores!