Any expert on miu miu or any miu miu bag lovers?

  1. hi! i'm looking into buying this certain bag from a friend, its leather with ruffles... i was hoping if there's anyone who would know at least a bit about miu miu bags? :smile: TIA!
  2. Do you have a photo of the bag?
  3. anyone? :smile:
  4. It's cute -- but not one that I've seen before.

    It's hard to see the logos, too, in your photos, and to see the lining. Are you questioning the authenticity?
  5. hmm.. well, this girl doesn't seem to be one to sell fakes.. she's got loads of designer bags :smile: but i was wondering more if miu miu has good quality bags as it is the first miu miu i'll be getting :smile: (i have matching mustard peeptoe pumps that's why) hehe
  6. hmm this makes me wonder? are their fake miu miu bags? what about vintage miu miu's? :smile:
  7. I don't think you have to worry that much about the authenticity with Miu Miu's 'cause they're not 'it' bags...and even more when you know the seller doesn't have fakes! I have a few Miu Miu bags, and the quality is great! They are a bit more playful than the usual Prada bag but with more or less the same quality.
  8. OMG.. there are DEFINITELY lots of fake Miu Mius out there. Last summer I went to Beijing, and there were lots of fake Miu Miu bags, shoes and wallets.

    I'm a miu miu lover, and the bags that I have are of amazing quality. Leather is great, and they even use the same Lampo zippers that Balenciaga uses.

    This green bag, i've never seen that done before. It doesn't look like a traditional miu miu bag, but it could just be something from way back.
  9. Ok, but Bejing is like the capital of fakeness, I mean globally it's not as bad as let's say Balenciaga or Chloé bags...Of course you have to be careful!
  10. yup i think its vintage but condition is quite excellent. :smile: she'll be shipping them to me today and i'll be paying her once i've received it she trusts me quite well. Quite a nice lady.

    goodmornin: what are traditional miu miu's and what kinds do they fake? you think even vintage all leather ones are faked? :sad:

    ispot: thanks for the replies! yup, i think miu miu's aren't hot items for counterfeiters.. maybe they'd think it might not sell as fast as other brands.. especially to make an all leather one! :smile:

    hope i am getting a good bag here :smile: i really want a mustard one to match my shoes :smile:
  11. oh yeah, were the fake ones in beijing of great quality? or can you somehow tell by just looking if you collect guccis and pradas?
  12. My goodness. Miu Miu is definitely popular enough that many, many fakes are being sold, and right here in North America.

    I'd be really careful about buying it on ebay, for example. I've seen fakes being sold there... and really bad fakes.

    It's a well established designer name, so it doesn't necessarily matter that the line hasn't created any one 'it' bag -- in fact, this makes it easier for counterfeiters to slap the logo on to anything and declare it authentic.

    All the hardware should match up and have the Miu Miu logo. Interiors vary, depending upon the priciness of the bag. Materials also vary -- most of the same materials that Prada uses are also used in Miu Miu.