Any Dermatology graduate program don't need medical school?

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  1. I graduated w/ a BS in bioengineering and want to go to grad school for dermatology or anything related. I don't want to go though medical school since I am a little older already.
    IS there any grad school in the us offer this option?

  2. To be a dermatologist, you do have to go to medical school and it's one of the most competitive field there right now because of the life style. If you are interested in skin and skincare, you could look to be trained as an aesthetician. Or you could try to go to nursing school and maybe try for a nurse practioner and then work at a dermatology office.

    On another note, I don't think age should hold you back about medical school. There was a wide variety of ages in my med school class. And you wouldn't believe the spectrum of ages I have seen during residency. So if that's what you really are aiming for, you should definitely go for it!
  3. No offense, but I sure hope not! I wouldn't go to a dermotologist who hasn't put in the studying, training, or time.
  4. I didn't mean I don't want to go to school(study, training and time) for it but just wonder if there is a graduate school program such as an research lab of some sort.