Any Compliments on Coach Perfume Spray?

  1. Received my first compliment on the Coach Perfume Spray!:tup: A friend of mine ask what was I wearing yesterday and I said Coach, she said that it smells awesome!!! Are you wearing yours?;)
  2. I forget to put any perfume on most of the time. LOL. I have the solid though. I do get compliments on my Hermes and Marc Jacobs though.
  3. I am addicted to fragrance. I love perfume as much as I love Coach. I can't tell you how thrilled I was when Coach (my love) introduced their fragrance. I wear it most of the time.....(I do have to spice things up sometimes and wear something else from my collection). But I love the Coach fragrance and have gotten lots of compliments.
  4. Normally I wear Escada Pacific Paradise. I :heart: that fragrance so much. But I just ran out and it was only available for a limited time, so I can't buy more :crybaby:. So now I am wearing Lacoste. It's my daytime fragrance.

    I have the Coach fragrance too, but I don't wear it everyday. I save it for special occasions or if I am going out in the evening.

    But I get compliments on all of them all the time. I really like the Coach fragrance! I bought it on the first day it was released lol. The SA was like you truly must be a Coach girl haha! :yes:
  5. I love those escada perfumes, I have 6 of them (I get the new one every year) and use them sparingly since they are limited editions!

    But I do have to say that I LOVE the Coach fragrance. At first I didn't but then I put it on and wore it all day and totally knew I had to get it. I have about 10 sample viles laying around and also a purse spray that I got in the April pce that is still NIB since I still have so many samples..........hehe.

    I have gotten two compliments on it so far. One from the guy at the sunglass shop ;) and another from a woman.
  6. I haven't gotten a single comment. I wear perfume every day and nobody ever comments regardless of what I wear. I don't use very much (I usually spray once into the air and then walk into it) so that might be why. Maybe nobody but my DH gets close enough to me to smell it. :shrugs:
  7. I only wore it once but did not like it; in fact I took a shower since the scent did not agree with me. Then again, I have mad allergies so that might have been the issue.
  8. I wear mine every day! My hubby and sister have complimented me on how good it smells!
    I've been living off of samples since March from a few purchases and the ones my RAOK buddy sent me!:tup:
  9. Do compliments from first graders count? :lol: Seriously, I've received compliments from family members and students. I enjoy it and that's what counts the most!*

    ETA: And it's not strong enough to cause a negative reaction to those around me...either that, or I wear it light enough.
  10. smells good, but if anyone puts on just one to many sprays, its really strong. Which is true with any purfume, but I notice it alot with the coach. =]
  11. My DH loves the my coach perfume & my mom loves it to. I can't wait to get the lotion!
  12. I've gotten compliments on it when I've worn it too. I can't wait for my lotion to arrive - I'm all about the layering of scents:tup:
  13. There are several websites out there where you can still order this perfume and it is authentic and they quite often offer free shipping.
  14. dang it didn't smell nice on me I really wanted it too
    I wear
    gucci envy
    Dolce Gabbana light blue
    eternity summer 2007
  15. I wear it almost everyday but verrrry lightly. I do love it though!