Any chance of finding a vert gazon RH Day?

  1. I've developed a sudden "need" for this color.
    Any insights would be helpful.
  2. Best bet would be to check RealDealCollection, Ann's Fabulous Finds and other resale websites and of course, eBay.
    Sometimes, people post with sightings of VG but it's pretty rare. Someone posted that Susan's had a few VG pieces recently but they were all purchased.
    Good luck - I love that color!
  3. I'm back on the hunt... Any sightings of one's for sale--please let me know.
  4. grietje

    Have you called Luisa?

    The SA there told me that their buyer is overseas dealing with their supplier currently.

    Perhaps the SA can put in a special request - I think their buying will be brining more Bal back with them when they return.

    Thats all I can suggest...

    And GL!
  5. Just had a report in the Luisa thread that they have a RH VG Day...!!

    Are you in AU grietje??
  6. he is. I told them they should get cities and coin purses!
  7. My computer crashed last night and I've missed all this!! Arggh!

    I am in California. Must calm myself and start thinking strategically. Will they take a sale over the phone and can an AU-tpfer send to me? I'll start the recon work.
  8. Apparently they said they would ship to Hong Kong for another TPF'er

    Perhaps even ask if they can pretty-please ship to the US

    If not, I can help you out ;)

  9. Grietje, Did you get it?
  10. I'm working on it Gina! Luisa's is willing to sell to me. I was asked for a photo of the bag so I copied Helen's and sent that over. Hopefully, they still have it. And some AU tPFers have offered to help get it here.

    We're on our way but not there yet!
  11. ^ I think your best bet for now is to have a fellow pfer send it to you! After I got that email that they can ship to Hong Kong, the next letter said..

    At present until we set up an internet buying facility we are sorry but we are not able to send goods to you in Hong Kong.

    If you are ever in Melbourne please look us up we are @ 161 Collins st, Melbourne
    and 14/993 North Rd, Melbourne

    We also travel to Sydney twice a year to have a shoe/handbag sale there.

    Please keep in touch so when we set something up on the internet we will be able to help you.

    Maybe you will come to Melbourne one day??

    oh well, better luck next time :shrugs:

  12. Great news!