ANY BV boutique in HK Airport??

  1. Hi

    I am interested in the new SUNSET intrecciato nappa Large Veneta but the price in Japan is NOT up the roof but THRU the roof:biggrin:, so I thinking to ask DH to get one for me if there a BV in HONGKONG AIRPORT..Can anyone help me on this and appreciate if you know the price as well:biggrin: TIA
  2. There is a shop at the HKIA airport the prices should be the same as street prices because HK does not have sales tax
  3. Anybody know the price for a Large Veneta pls?
  4. Last time I checked in September it was about HK$17k
  5. Thank you Cowey1973
  6. Thanks for the info you all have given me about the BV HKIA boutique and I thought I need to put in what I went through. DH supposed to go HKG this 18 Jan and through TPF, I got the BV's no and called, SAM the SA answered and assisted me through on my enquiries about the bags, the designs, the colors, the price, how to meet up my DH in the airport..stuff like. Initially, we decided on the bags the wanted but as it was begining of Jan, she said she need to monitor the inventory for me bla bla...In total I called her 3 times before finally decided on the colors and the designs of 2 bags. I just cant wait to see my 2 babies when all out of a sudden, DH's trip has to be CANCELLED! I called SAM immediately but she wasnt around, so I left her a message. THE reasons why I wanted to write down my experiences here are SAM is excellent and friendly in her service and she really go extra miles to accommodate a customer unlike other SAs of other brands you read in this TPF. Then her colleague JOYCE, is another wonderful lady. You bet I am so so guilty about what happened to my DH cancelled trip but the next available chance I could go HKG, I will definitely buy from them..any BVs. I obviously recommend both of them to whomever of you TPFs who wanted to shop BV in HKG go BV HKIA! MOD...I hope I am not doing advertisement here, if so you can remove..sori and tks
  7. Thanks for sharing. It is good to hear good service recommendations. So far from my experience, the BV SAs in HK are alright except for the one at Times square where they are less friendly and warm in relative, perhaps they have higher traffic than others I don't know.
  8. Yes, I saw one on the way to Gate 67. Didn't stop by tho.