Any body has this bag?

  1. Here's the stock photo style 6070.. The one I saw is the same style but with red leather trim instead of mahogany .
    Do you like/not like it? Do you know what year is the bag? TIA :flowers:
    6070_d2.jpg coach 2.jpg
  2. I like the first one
  3. I dont have this one but its definetely cute and functional.
  4. its cute, but i think i like it better in all black.
  5. I have this bag is a Signature Zoe Hobo from Winter 2003 , Its one of my favorite bags , I have the small size that looks like it could be the medium or large
  6. hey.. I do like it all black.. what is the style number of your bag? Thanks
  7. j2k-6045

    thanks :love::girlsigh: it is one of my favorite bags