Any Black Paddy Lovers out there?

  1. I was originally planning on buying a chocolat paddington but have been offered a black one at a great price. But I havent heard many people raving about black as they do about chocolat. Does anyone have a black paddy? If so, do you love it? Or would it be worth the extra money to wait for a choco?
  2. Oh, I am biased because I have chocolate. It is really worth the extra wait! And money! No other designer comes close to Chloe's chocolate- it is so rich and amazing! As for the black, it is my least favorite of the paddy colors especially since Chloe makes such fabulous colors. But it really comes down to what makes you happy! If you LOVE it, you should go for it because in the end, that is ALL that matters!
  3. totally agree with Jag:yes: The choco is well worth the wait...
  4. BLACK! But then again I have the Black/Black and I get so many more compliments on this bag that my other Paddys!
    Get what makes you happy and of course what you will carry! Good Luck.
  5. I'm with jag, I'd get the chocolate!! :yes::love:
  6. I like the black, but i already have several other black bags - so i wouldn't want to spend the sort of £ Chloe ask for on another Black bag.:rolleyes:

    I do love the black hardware on black that is something else.:love:

    As the others have said, you just have to get what you love and will work for you!:yes:
  7. LOL, I thought you were asking about Paddy lovers who black as in race, not people who loved black paddies. I was like "What a strange question!"
  8. I actually like the black (noir) color better than any other paddy color--it is sort of an off-black...I would love to own one especially the zippy but don't yet.
    Brown is a beautiful color but doesn't go with my wardrobe as well
  9. Yes its does read like that doesnt it... offence intended.

    I have thought long and hard and discussed it with my wadrobe and have decided to wait for the perfect chocolate paddington. I do have a new-found appreciation for the black though.
  10. OMG, I didn't take it like that ---- LOL! I just read it as Black Paddy, Whisky Paddy, Chocolate Paddy etc!
    Anyway Bellacherie, congrats on your decision! You're the one carrying it around so be comfortable in your decision regardless.
  11. In the regular medium paddington satchel, I prefer CHOCOLATE!:love: We all need a great black bag, but for me I prefer the satchel in choco over black. However in other styles such as the zippy (which I have) I prefer
    Black (noir):love: Some styles just look better in certain colors IMHO. Definitely wait for choco, you will be so HAPPY!!! :nuts: :nuts: Good luck and show it off when you find one!
  12. A Black Paddy is on my wish list, but I would get the Chocolate in a heartbeat first.
  13. Thats a tough one. I do like the black but I have chocolate and just love it! Its definetely worth the wait.
  14. For the Medium Satchel Paddy bags, I love the Chocolate color, but I looooove the metallic Black on the Paddington Tote. :drool:
  15. I have a black paddy and love it. I've quite a few mono LVs in various colours, everything other than black. I was specificly looking for a black bag that would go with everything, fit all my stuff in it and could be used for work. Its perfect and my first Chole.