Any Antigua Recommendations?

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  1. Restaurants, local guides, SCUBA suggestions, day trips to Barbuda??
  2. I went there for my honeymoon and stayed at the Coco's. Unfortunately we didn't go to Barbuda because the ferry was down!
    I loved English Harbour, very nice there, and I heard that the party at Shirley's Heights on Sunday afternoon is quite nice too!
  3. Check out the Grand Pineapple Resort. It's beautiful.
  4. We have our accommodations picked out. We tend to avoid all-inclusives because we tend to roam around the islands, take day trips, charter a boat, rent a jeep for the day, ATV - very spontaneous. I'd really love restaurant suggestions (especially local hideouts/places where the fish is caught that morning. The helicopter to Montserrat seems great and we found a zipline park.
  5. when are you going? I think that the restaurant at Coco's is opened also for people who are not staying there, check it! I'm Italian and a bit fussy when it comes to eating, but their meals have always been excellent the 10 days I stayed there.